Free Google Ads / PPC Audit

Are you currently running Google Ads campaigns but unhappy with the results and return on investment?

Do you want more sales from your existing Google Ads budget?

If the answer to either question is yes, then you need a Google AdWords audit.

Google Ads (AdWords) Audit

Our Google Ads audits are tailored specifically to your business and suitable for accounts that are self-run or managed by an agency.

Our audit is designed for businesses anywhere in Australia and New Zealand to maximise your ad spend so you don’t waste money on irrelevant clicks. That means more products or services sold for your business.

Ignite Digital‘s Google AdWords audit includes:

Understanding your business and marketing objectives.

Review all or selected Google Ads campaigns, ad groups, ads, quality score, keywords, match types, negative keywords, account structure, conversion recording and more.

Review search data including search terms, cost per click, cost per conversion, wastage and general performance.

Review remarketing campaigns including audiences and ad copy.

For custom e-commerce audits review Google Merchant store, products and specific items related to Google Shopping campaigns.

Provide a written report of the audit and recommendations. The length of the report varies by the type of audit. See the table below.

Phone review of the report. Again, the length of the phone call varies between free and custom audits.

The level and detail of items reviewed above depend on the audit type selected. See table below. We will advise exactly what will be audited after seeing your ad account.

We also audit Microsoft Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads and other PPC platforms.

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Google Ads Audit

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Free Google Ads Audit

A Google Ads specialist will look over your Google Ad account.

A summary bullet point report will be sent via email and you have the option to schedule a 15-minute phone call to discuss the recommendations to save you money and generate more revenue.

Suitable for any size budgets but depending on your ad spend and the number of campaigns we may only look at the biggest campaign.

These are not automated audits by software. An actual specialist is going to look at your account.

Standard Google Ads Audit

For ad spends up to $5,000 per month.

A Google Ads specialist will look over your Google Ad account.

A detailed report will be prepared with examples and screenshots.

We will look at your Google Analytics if you want to give access to that.

Does not in include e-commerce stores.

From $750 + GST depending on spend and ad account structure.

Custom Google Ads Audit

For ad spends over $5,000 per month and e-commerce clients.

Everything included as per the Standard Google Ads audit but we will look at your entire account, Google Merchant Store, Google Analytics.

$ P.O.A. – Pricing advised after viewing your Google Ad account.